The STAR Project
Successful Transition and Re-Entry
Successful Transition and Re-Entry
Need our Help?

In order to qualify for our services you must:

  • Have a felony conviction
  • Have been released from jail or prison within the last calendar year
  • Spent at least 60 days in jail or prison during that time
  • Be 18 or older or legally emancipated

And either

  • Be legally required to stay in Walla Walla County


  • Have and existing support network in Walla Walla County


All of our housing assistance is clean and sober. So, if you are seeking assistance with housing we also require that you be willing to undergo random UAs to ensure that this is the case. We also require that you have released from prison or 60+ days of jail within the past year.


Setting up an appointment

Two key parts of our approach to working with clients are:

  • not to do for a client what they can do for themselves, and
  • to expect clients entering our program to demonstrate their commitment to the process of reentry.

To that end we do not allow parents, friends or classification counselors to make appointments for you. If you would like our assistance you need to make contact with us directly. This contact may be by phone to set up an appointment or by paper mail from inside prison or jail to introduce yourself and request information and a pre-intake packet.

Our phone # is 509-525-3612

Our office location is 321 Wellington Ave.

Our PO Box is 159

We typically see clients by appointment only Monday - Thursday from 10AM – 4PM


Finally: we try to go the extra mile for our clients. However, we will not work harder for you than you are willing to work for yourself. This means that you need to be ready to follow through on the tasks, meetings, and activities that we ask you to do. Repeated lack of follow through may result in loss of services.

For instance, if you are going to miss an appointment please call us ahead of time to let us know. We realize that your lives are often hectic and unpredictable we only ask that you call to cancel. Our policy is that if you miss 3 appointments without calling in beforehand we may cease to provide services at that time.

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