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Successful Transition and Re-Entry
Successful Transition and Re-Entry
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Typically, people with felony convictions are released from prison with $40 in "gate money" and the clothes on their back. They are usually required to remain in the county of their first conviction until their community supervision period has been completed. After years of having virtually every aspect of their life under the control of others, basic living can be daunting.

Family and old friends may have enabled them along the path that landed them in a correctional institution, so their support is sometimes non-existent or more problematic than helpful. With limited choices, many who want a better life simply do not succeed, re-offend, and return to prison. The cost to them and to society is enormous.

Data from Washington State Corrections shows that the average cost of incarceration for one individual at Washington State prisons is $97.23 per day. Based on an average prison sentence length of 41.0 months, every person who does not return to prison saves the state approximately $121,253.91.

Clients, board members and volunteers all working hard to create a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.

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